Curriculum Vitae

November 26, 1946 born in Minden, Germany

1965-1970 Fachhochschule für Kunst & Design (College of Art & Design) in Cologne, Germany


2013 illustrations for childrens’ book Zoe - a Monkey's Tale



2011-2013 Cedar Lawn Art Studio and Gallery, Lyn Ontario

1990-2010 Pontiac Artist Studio Tour, Shawville, Québec

2003 Centrepointe Theater, Nepean, Ontario

2001 Bittersweet Gallery, Burnstown, Ontario

2001 Visual Arts Centre, Orléans, Ontario

1996-2003 Elke BZD, Studio and Gallery, Shawville, Québec

1995 Galerie Am Markt, Kulturamt Bensheim, Germany

1994 Stadttheater-Foyer Minden, Germany

1993 McGill University Faculty Club, Montreal, Québec

1993-1995 Atelier Picanoc, Shawville, Québec

1990-2010 Pontiac Artist Studio Tour, Shawville, Québec

1984-1992 Gallery Cafe, Shawville, Québec

1988-1989 Opus Magnus Gallery, Shawville,Québec

1988 "People of the Pontiac,"Arts Court, Ottawa, Ontario

1987 "Bimbo", Montreal, Québec

1985-1986 Burnstown General Store Gallery, Burnstown, Ontario

1983-1984 Communications Project, Cultural Affairs grant, Québec

1981 "Architectural Heritage", Universite de Québec, Hull, Québec

1979 Victoria College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

1978 Mango Tree, Ottawa, Ontario

1976 Robinson Hall, Inglewood, Ontario

1976 Schwan Gallery, Minden, Germany



2013 Nuit Blanche Ottawa / Gatineau

2013 Art in the City of Brockville

2011-2012 Art in the Park, Cedar Lawn Art Studio and Gallery, Lyn, Ontario

2000-2002 Gallerie Arnemann, Kamen, Germany

1999 Dialogues '99, Manege Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia

1999 Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa, Ontario

1998 April 15-22 Haus des Gastes im Kurpark, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

1997 Roslin Art Gallery, Belleville, Ontario

1997 Art Russe, Île-des-Moulins Terrebonne, Québec

1996-1997 Integrity Arts International, Burlington, Vermont

1996 Bälke Helmeck (Collaboration between Elke Bzdurreck & Bärbel Helmert)

1994 Galerie Leysieffer, Lembruch, Germany.

1994 Artist's Union of Russia, Exhibition Center, St. Petersburg, Russia.

1994 World Exchange Plaza, Ottawa, Ontario

1988-95 Elmwood Art Fair, Ottawa, Ontario

1992 Gallery Intersection, Ottawa, Ontario

1991 Galerie L'Imagier, Aylmer, Québec

1979-1988 Artworks, Shawville, Québec

1976-1984 Robinson Hall, Inglewood, Ontario

1984 Allan Ross Gallery, Harrowsmith, Ontario

1982 Andrew Dickson Gallery, Pakenham, Ontario

1980 York Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

1979 Wallack's Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

1971-1979 Ontario Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1969-1979 Aggregation Gallery - Wynick Tuck, Toronto, Ontario

1969-1974 Mazelow Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1970 Art Festival, Toronto and Niagara on the Lake,Ont. (1st Prize)

1970 2nd Annual Art Show Toronto City Hall, (Nathan Philip Square)



1992-2004 Art Workshops

1992 Mural, l'integration des arts a l'architecture, Pontiac Communty Hospital, Québec

1974-1992 Art Teacher, Adult Education, Shawville, Québec

1988 Illustrator, Nepean Civic Square, Ontario

1987 Illustrator, Designer's Walk, Toronto, Ontario

1985 Art Teacher, Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa, Ontario

1982-1984 Illustrator, National Capital Commission, Ottawa, Ontario

1980 Illustrator, Fun Finder's Guide, Niagara Falls, Ontario

1980 Illustrator, Pontiac Tourist Map

1980 Mural, Alphatext Building, Ottawa, Ontario

1979 Illustrator, "Presentation for the Year of the Child", Conklin Shows, Toronto, Ont.

1978 Illustrator,"Architectural Heritage of the Pontiac." (Book)

1969-1970 Illustrator, Moreland + Latchford, Film Productions, Toronto, Ont.



1991-1992 L'integration des arts a l'architecture, Affaires Culturelle Québec

1987 Cultural Affairs of Québec

1982 Cultural Affairs of Québec

1970 Canada Council Art Grant